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Reddit is making my phone get hot af

2022.01.23 15:39 sex_defender3 Reddit is making my phone get hot af

And uses my battery up like crazy wtf
Does this happen to yall too?
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2022.01.23 15:39 craft420beer Juicy juicy day

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2022.01.23 15:39 Fearless-Excuse-9856 Ok then hopefully I can stay red listed

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2022.01.23 15:39 Bree7702 How does a break up or "divorce" work in these polygamist situations when a wife wants to leave but they aren't legally married, but have been together years and years.

Is Christine entitled to anything? Property? Alimony? Are they considered common law married? Does she walk away with nothing other than what she has now? I have so many questions...
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2022.01.23 15:39 Labyx_ Is there some sort of runescape arg?

with the runestone basalt?
it opened this link
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2022.01.23 15:39 AllPlants_NoPants What is your biggest irrational fear?

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2022.01.23 15:39 ElijahFlabberghast A Javelin a Day Keeps the T-90 at Bay - Battlefield 3

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2022.01.23 15:39 M12WH20 ForDaMula on TikTok

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2022.01.23 15:39 slimtaurus Am I doing this right?

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2022.01.23 15:39 frudaloo For anyone who works in a job that deals with a lot of customers rapidly (cashier, etc), what is a small thing someone does that makes it less monotonous?

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2022.01.23 15:39 diol18 Promotion at work is encouraging me to cut down on drinking and get serious about fitness!

I got a promotion (albeit sort of forced and unwanted - boss is taking a temp position abroad for a year and nominated me to do 90% of her responsibilities as the team lead of my 10 person department). This new role requires me to be sharp as I’m regularly presenting and leading team meetings and working with upper management (in different time zones too, hello 6 AM meetings!)
I’ve been pretty consistent about working out for about 5 years (exclusively running first 2 years then started lifting too in 2019), but started to find myself drinking a bit too much during the work at home freedom with the pandemic… I knew my drinking was getting out of hand and I could get away with it, as my previous position only required me to look after myself and not really interact with others. I’d often have 5-10 drinks on most weeknights, in turn making me unproductive at work and in my health the following day… this is the first time I’m admitting this to anyone but myself, but I was developing alcoholic tendencies.
The last two weeks I’ve been in this role, I’ve had no more than two drinks per night, making me feel so much more ready to take on the day, in the office and gym! I even went to a friend’s bday last night at a bar and only had one drink, later driving 50 mins home… ON A SATURDAY NIGHT? Unheard of for me! I’m not sure if I’ll go dry anytime soon, but going from hiding liquor bottles from my boyfriend to openly having a beer or two with him is an accomplishment for me.
I guess this is sort of an accountability post but also needed to acknowledge and not hide my drinking problems anymore! Looking forward to seeing what this year brings 💪🏻
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2022.01.23 15:39 Dry_War_3589 Is this a bug with the hammer/repulsor? Or did he run out of ammo?

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2022.01.23 15:39 RustyDirty NLD and RIP to my i5T

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2022.01.23 15:39 Character-Living5969 schickt mir pics oder fotos und ich muss darauf wichsen. Alles erlaubt

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2022.01.23 15:39 Revolutionary_You291 Join the MichaelSaves party & save $15/mo with Party Pay! Code 39QP3Q7 gets you a $5 first month!!

Thinking about making the switch to Visible? Need to find a party to get the $15 Party Pay monthly discount? If so, just check out our large stable party! We are nearly 500 members strong and growing!
Personal finance expert Michael Timmermann educates consumers every day about ways to save money, especially with their streaming tv bills and cell phone bills. Michael has been a Visible customer himself for a couple of years and he feels that it’s a great service and great value!
Watching a few of Michael’s helpful and educational online videos is what helped me to discover Visible!
So now I’m a new Visible customer, and I just joined Michael’s party for $15/mo savings!! Party link info here: https://visible.com/p/MichaelSaves
Plus, if you use my friend referral code, you’ll only pay $5 for your first month, and I’ll also get one month for only $5! That way, we both win and we both save an extra $20 for one month of this already super affordable cell phone service! You can check out my friend referral code here: https://www.visible.com/get/39QP3Q7
I hope you'll enjoy Visible as much as I do! As a former Verizon customer, I'm already experiencing huge savings with Visible! Great cell service (on Verizon’s nationwide network), awesome customer service, and a super easy-to-use app to manage your account — all at a price that's a fraction of what the big carriers charge! I'm so happy I made the switch to Visible and I hope you’ll give it a try too. You’ll be glad you did!!
✅📶 ✅📱 ✅🎉 ✅😃
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2022.01.23 15:39 coffeeiii How can I turn any first person game into VR.

I am just wondering about head movements, I do not worry about the controls. For example, I use a steering wheel in American Truck Simulator, but trying to check your mirrors and drive realistically is difficult. So how would I be able to look around without my mouse using VR?
TL:DR: How do I look around in a game with VR without a mouse?
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2022.01.23 15:39 Substantial_Ad_8837 Mask PSA

Hello anteater,
As we journey into the hot zone here is some information I have been reading about k95 masks.
Currently a high amount of masks being sold online are fake with a incredibly high amount of fake maskes coming from China and sold on amazon. Not that anyone will he abke to tell bur for youre personal safety.
Additionally does anybody know where tf uci provided masks are
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2022.01.23 15:39 mullet2901 Life long Chelsea fan, opened the 85+ midfielder pack while stood at Stamford Bridge watching us beat our biggest rivals 🤯

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2022.01.23 15:39 Freyas_Follower I wanted to have fun, not die of embarrassment.

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2022.01.23 15:39 Hokenlord I present to you: Klorgoor

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2022.01.23 15:39 InevitableRoutine213 Bin M us ag wer lust het melde per dm bin offe für alles

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2022.01.23 15:39 zellycheese latest episode

i really love stephanie but i hated how she pertained to dolores as lolita. i know the story is just "fictional" but still :(
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2022.01.23 15:39 danthetorpedoes [Multi] Turf War Digital Prerelease Tournament - Free to Play, Over $500 in Prizes

Gadabout Games is celebrating the upcoming release of Turf War with a prerelease tournament on Tabletopia – and over $500 in prizes! You’ll compete in this special, one-time event, in a madcap effort to upstage your neighborhood rivals and prove that you have the best yard on the block.
Players will square off in 2-person matches over several rounds. Prizes include a sealed Time Spiral Remastered booster box and a Turf War Collector's Bundle, but there are marquee prizes for the top 4 finishers, and every entrant who completes the tournament will get a prize.
Sign up for the tournament at https://turfwar.info/prerelease.
Learn more Turf War, including playthrough videos at https://turfwar.info.
Practice on Tabletopia using your web browser or Steam at https://turfwar.info/play.
The Prerelease Tournament will be held March 5, 2022. Entry closes March 4 and is open to US residents only.
May the best yard win!
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2022.01.23 15:39 FrigoCoder [Article] Mung Bean Protein Suppresses Undernutrition-Induced Growth Deficits and Cognitive Dysfunction in Rats via Gut Microbiota-TLR4/NF-kB Pathway

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2022.01.23 15:39 bucket--bot can be angry

i can not nearly made me
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