KLR gang off to Somoto Canyon

2022.01.23 14:40 EveryDayIsCigarDay KLR gang off to Somoto Canyon

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2022.01.23 14:40 bohemiankiller What advice would you give your past self if you could and why?

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2022.01.23 14:40 Awkward-Weather2086 My take on a classic American cheeseburger, thousand island sauce, lettuce, tomato, onion, burger patty, American cheese and another dose of sauce 😉

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2022.01.23 14:40 goldenelephant3592 Safari Honda Civic with a “snorkel” held together by duct tape .

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2022.01.23 14:40 GladiusNocturno What are some mythological or folkloric creatures known for wailing?

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2022.01.23 14:40 Sharp-Elephant-Bot Ana de Armas

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2022.01.23 14:40 DarkAbyssedNight Since i saw the wiki fandom, are these the real song choices for episode 6?

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2022.01.23 14:40 Lord_Shugesh Characters similar to Juri but with better buttons.

I've been trying to learn the game with Juri and it's started to become frustrating having most of my buttons constantly beaten when I have to play footies against characters I consistently run into. Are they any other characters that play a similar mid range neutral/hit and run style but with better buttons (in terms of frames and/or range)?
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2022.01.23 14:40 Tyrannusverticalis CBS Sunday Morning interviewed Christine Baranski and she mentioned that she initially spoke with a sibilant 's'. She is originally from Buffalo New York. What parts of the US speak with a sibilant 's' sound?

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2022.01.23 14:40 borgheses I think this current political climate is effecting the actual climate.

I imagine Russia wants oil burning cars to stay. The warmer the artic gets the better they have it. They sell oil and would like the artic ocean ice free. I think Russia kind of wants global warming. Imagine we have a cold war because Russia wants to influence the weather by making everyone burn oil all over the world at the same time at a key moment in the yearly weather patterns. Then I imagine the effects of soot production of burning oil products all over the Atlantic and Europe . Is it artificially inflating the water content and soot content figures across russia in any meaningful way. Clouds hold in heat at night and prevent further cooling. What effect is all the added hydrocarbon emissions and heat have on Russia's weather? Any nuclear exchange would be counter productive to Russia's current construction projects. I think the only way out of this is forwards. We need to develop safe cheap fusion core batteries so oil is no longer needed to survive in the artic.
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2022.01.23 14:40 thequeenofspace Help me find some boy names!

I’m not naming a child anytime soon, but I love names and I’ve been writing names I love down for years. Unfortunately all the names I love are girl names 😭 I have just never found many boy names that speak to me! I wanted to ask this sub for some boy names that might match the vibe of the girl names I love.
Girls names I love: Alice Eloise Eleanor Isobel Katherine Mathilde Agatha Lillian Violet Madeleine Lena Ilse Charlotte Anastasia Molly Elise Margaret Katarina Adeline Elodie Elena Luisa Adelheid Maja Lucy Nadja Beatrix Salma Rose Arantxa Isalda
I do like a few boys names like Iain Elliot Charles Thomas Theodore Noah Auden
I would love any more suggestions that you think are the same vibes, especially for boys names!
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2022.01.23 14:40 Po1sonator Some of the Matrix Cast looking dapper in 1999.

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2022.01.23 14:40 binaryboy001 This Church in Christchurch, New Zealand

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2022.01.23 14:40 ManHoleGame What have u accepted after waking up.

Just wanted to see what the majority has accepted after waking up. Question to pimos and pomos…
View Poll
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2022.01.23 14:40 Wildse7en Need some advice. Hope this is the right place.

So I currently run the operations position for a 24/7 courier company. Im in the office 45hrs a week and get constant phone calls all nights and weekends. Severely underpaid and taken advantage of with my salary. We don't get lunches. 8m lucky if I can get up to use the restroom. We're expected to go above and beyond, even taking deliveries after hours and not getting compensated. I have no personal life. This job consumes me. The past 3 people in my position have walked out, had on the job heart attacks or committed suicide because of having to work so much and losing their marriage. Even my psychiatrist as told me to gtfo of there.
Anyways, our lead dispatcher walked out last May, I got shuffled into his job and just got a $75/week bump at Christmas. A whole 8 months later. Now my supervisor left and they're again shuffling me into his position with no pay increase. Ive lined up several interviews this week. Some at way more pay and more free time. Trying to leave for these appointments are going to cause a ruckus from the owner because he gives me shit about scheduling Dr appointments at bad times. "Not on peak hours, not on Fridays etc".
I'm just looking for advice because I really don't want to go back tomorrow. I got paid Friday and paid some bills but I wouldn't be able to cover rent on 2/5. I live paycheck to paycheck with this soulsucking job...shocker. I'm thinking of door-dashing until I get hired into one of these other companies. Which im feeling pretty confident about.
I've never quit a job before but im at my with end. I like my coworkers but this industry is disgusting(taking money from drivers, paying new hires significantly more than me while they have zero responsibility and im constantly buried in my work plus what they can't handle).
Am I in the wrong to walk? Are there any other jobs/gigs out there to make money while I wait to get into one of these other companies.
Sorry for the rant. I just need some advice.
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2022.01.23 14:40 nobody_at_the_wheel Figure drawing back study. colored pencil and white charcoal on toned paper.

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2022.01.23 14:40 very_excited How do you feel when you hear someone saying “haiga”?

I was watching an interview between a reporter and a local, and one thing that stuck out to me was that the person being interviewed said something that sounded like haiga. I hadn’t heard this word before, so I looked it up, and according to Google, it apparently is what some people use to say haya, and if you use it, people will probably think you are rural and uneducated. People online seemed to have some very strong opinions of it, with some saying that it was “rude” and that you’ll be looked down if you use it. I wanted to see if you all agreed with this. Does it really have such a strong association? What is your general impression when you hear someone say haiga?
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2022.01.23 14:40 amandam915 Gousto are doing 65% off at the moment making 4 meals for 2 people only £12.25!! If anyone would like to try it, my referal link will take you to the offer 😀

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2022.01.23 14:40 Tweak1988 A52 5g wifi issues. Connectivity issues. Problems staying connected, low speed, etc. With mobile data turned off. Still an issue in 2022?

Is this still an issue in 2022? As the title says. But some phone users didn't notice it, and even admitted that they mistook WiFi as being the internet.
*It will be much easier to get a reading with mobile data turned off. That way if WiFi disconnects/reconnects for a few aseconds, you should notice it because it won't be able to switch over to mobile data. How is gaming with mobile data turned off?
Some people actually don't know the difference between WiFi and mobile data, so I just wanted to be clear.
This is the only issue I'm really worried about. I've seen posts/comments as recent as last month complaining about the issue, but maybe it's not every phone?
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2022.01.23 14:40 spindrift183 I never considered myself as a "creative" person before, probably due to anxiety, but now I'm almost 30 and I feel ready to be creative. Anyone else?

I spent most of my life growing up with crippling anxiety, and my family wasn't the most well off. Every time I sang or played music or drew anything in school, I had to be alone and nobody else had to ever see or hear anything. I had an intense fear of being judged.
Since I was anxious about letting anyone see me, I didn't take myself seriously enough to try to develop more artistic skills, and plus, my family didn't have much money anyway. I pursued my degree/career in a field that would give me a well-paying job. There was no point spending time/money on studying the arts if it wouldn't allow me to find work.
Once I graduated college and started my first few years working and saving money and giving some back to my family, I felt envious and bitter that other kids had the money to spend on pursuing artsy things, especially music. It felt like something that would be forever out of reach for me, a completely different upbringing that I wouldn't get to experience. Looking into conservatory programs that would only admit students until their early 20's made me feel like the door was closed for me to ever study music.
After doing a lot of work on myself and my self confidence, the bitterness is gone, replaced by the realization that the main thing holding me back was just myself. Yes, I had scars that caused me to fear being judged, and my family didn't have money, but things were different now. I had a job and my own (rented) place and enough disposable income, I couldn't just blame everything on my family/upbringing and do nothing to change it.
So I started giving myself the music lessons that younger me couldn't have. Since then, I feel like a door has opened to a place where there's so much to see and do and learn and express. I'm letting myself explore more instruments and I'm even picking up the pencil and paints to try to draw again too. There's so many things to do/try and my free time has meaning now, instead of just coming home from work and scrolling on social media until bedtime and repeat.
I'm certainly not as good at art as the people who kept studying through college, and I admit sometimes I'm still a bit envious. I'm still in my "this sounds / looks like crap" phase and I don't always have time to practice when I'm working 40 hours a week. But at the very least, I'm not struggling to pay my bills, and I can afford to spend on supplies/lessons and keep trying new things. I'm capable of understanding that I won't be good until I keep practicing to make it past the initial roughness, so I take things one day at a time. I have my days where I don't practice and all I have the energy for is video games or sleep. But that's ok, because I see it as a way to recharge and be more inspired, and I'm happier now that I let myself think about things other than just being "productive" and chasing dollars!
There's still more to do for my career advancement, and my past self from a few years ago would have wanted to chase a more prestigious position with higher pay, but now, somehow, I feel like I'm ok not pursuing the 6 figure salaries and early retirement ASAP like my peers. I'm just letting myself enjoy life at my pace, even if I'm making less and not aggressively saving like some of the others. I still think about my career, but it's only one facet of my life now alongside my creative hobbies and downtime, instead of the main focus.
If anyone else is in a similar position, I'd love to hear your story. Maybe if there's enough of us, we can start a group so that we can all build our skills togethesupport each other in our creative endeavors :)
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2022.01.23 14:40 ResponsibleAd2541 Rest In Peace.

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2022.01.23 14:40 romajapan Amazing $32 Jordanian food feast in Amman 🍴🇯🇴

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2022.01.23 14:40 mikephoto1 New York done

Went with the advice from this sub and bought the game on psn yesterday. Played it alot today and love it!
Just 100% NYC and that was pretty simple, jumped into a game on San Fran and got smashed to bits.
So now I am looking for a crew to play with that have mics and are down to coop rather than run and gun like most the random were in NYC.
I am lvl 10 and just unlocked The Strong Arm. My go to crew at the moment are
Lion Vigil Ela Doc
But I am about to test run the new guys on NYC and see how they feel.
If anyone wants to join up with the same vibe as above in mind then drop me a shout.
My psn is Mikephoto1
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2022.01.23 14:40 Kevin-TheBagGuy Casino Edition Black Waters numbered 1-100

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2022.01.23 14:40 Jasonking955 You shall not move that hand

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