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[US-NC] [H] asus Phoenix 3060 BNIB [W] local cash, paypal

URL List - Free ebook download as Text File (.txt), PDF File (.pdf) or read book online for free. Txt Large URL list

2022.01.23 15:11 ImJustHereToBitch [US-NC] [H] asus Phoenix 3060 BNIB [W] local cash, paypal

“Won” a shuffle with an overpriced mobo. Trying to just recoup funds.
Asking 600 local, 640 shipped, but pm your zip code so I can get an actual shipping cost from pirateship, could be slightly cheaper.
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2022.01.23 15:11 Marzipanfruit Could anybody off some advice on how I can get a job that’s not customer service related?

For context: I’ve just signed up for JSA after losing my job early December. My previous role was a contact centre advisor for a large company that helped disabled people with mobility options.
The job prior to this was a Department Manager role with a company I was with for 6 years. Progressed from sales advisor to manager. The pay was terrible and I would dream of having a job that would pay £24-30k but that just seems so out of my reach.
I could do with a job that’s not customer facing, but I don’t even know what industry to turn to with the skills that I know from my previous roles.
I am terrified of interviews and selling myself and pretty much feel useless. Could anyone offer me any advice? Has anyone been in the same situ as me? I could really do with some help.
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2022.01.23 15:11 QueasyWave1911 Dirty Inviter

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2022.01.23 15:11 Thathangswang Before linking wit a girl, do y’all like to keep ur BD for the heat of the moment & surprise her & don’t mention it. Or show it off before linking & get her excited?

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2022.01.23 15:11 arstryx Simple shaman

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2022.01.23 15:11 Peatearredhill As a casual player did I make a mistake picking a mega server?

Because outside of the constant spam I don't really feel like there's a community on my server. Oh there's hundreds of player models and people running around I'm not saying they're bots, but it just feels lonely. I'm having trouble finding a guild as well. About the only thing I am enjoying about it are the sell prices. But I see players out in the world and if you both end up on a quest to kill x or go into x cave they group up, but the second it's over they bounce never to be seen again. Maybe it's nostalgia and maybe I came into TBC to late, but I just feel like this might not be for me. I'm having fun with the game it's just you want to engage in the social aspect of it it's lacking unless I'm a 10/10 raider as the spam would suggest they have nothing for me.
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2022.01.23 15:11 Pretend-Connection82 Pls ans this

I've been busy recently so I was not able to read the novel , I forgot a bit of the story too , can someone give me a summary of the 6th scenario and also tell me on which chapter the 6th scenario ends
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2022.01.23 15:11 SeriouslySlothy A song rewritten for KJ

(My apologies in advance to the Steve Miller Band for what I’m about to do to this delightful song, The Joker. See original non-parody credits below.)
Some people call me the Katie Joy, yeah
Some call me a spreader of fudge
Some people I wish would call me a reporter
’Cause when I speak I constantly judge & misjudge

People talkin’ about me guuuyyyzz
Say I’m doing you wrong, doing y’all lots of wrong
Well, don’t you worry, member, don’t worry
Cause I’m right here, right here, right here blocking you from home

‘Cause I’m a picker
A comment banner
An IG rambler
And I’m a sinner
A bus over you I will ruuuuuuuun
I’m a Joke(r)
A Keemstar poker
I‘m a midnight wine bolter
I sure don’t wanna credit anyone
‘Cause I’m a picker
A comment banner
An IG rambler
And I’m a sinner
A bus over you I will ruuuuuuun
I’m a Joke(r)
A Keemstar poker
I‘m a midnight wine bolter
I borrow stories from everyone
Ooh, whoo, ooh, whoo

You’re the bestest friend I never did see
I really love the clicks you’ll bring
Wanna spill your alleged Tea
Laffy daffy, laffy daffy, laffy daffy for the time
Ooh wee ”sourcey“, I’ll sure sell you out for a dime
‘Cause I’m a picker
A comment banner
An IG rambler
And I’m a sinner
A bus over you I will ruuuuuuuun
I’m a Joke(r)
A Keemstar poker
I‘m a midnight wine bolter
I sure don’t wanna credit anyone
‘Cause I’m a picker
A comment banner
An IG rambler
And I’m a sinner
A bus over you I will ruuuuuuun
I’m a Joke(r)
A Keemstar poker
I‘m a midnight wine bolter
I borrow stories from everyone
Ooh, whoo, ooh, whoo
People talkin’ about me guuuyyyzz
Say I’m doing y’all wrong
Well, don’t you worry, former member, don’t worry
Cause I’ll dirty delete by dawn
You’re the worstest acquaintance, why can’t you see
I really loved the money exploiting you
brought to meeeeeeeeeeeee
I‘m the victim, I’m the victim, victim all the time
Come on people and listen to me whine

(Original (non-parody) Songwriters Ahmet Ertegun/Eddie Curtis/Steve Miller. Original The Joker lyrics copyright Sailor Music, Warner Chappell Music, Inc. Parody Lyrics by Seriously Slothy Songs. No monetary gain is intended. The lyrics have been altered for parody purposes only, for commentary on commentary.)
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2022.01.23 15:11 dreamdrunkdev "3 Strikes" Part One

...This is a rule I've since came up with. In simple terms, what it means is basically this: I'll give any run of D&D I join a go. It can be entirely text based, or it can be the most beautiful world someone has ever weaved out of free assets. It's only fair that everyone gets a fair shot, but if that campaign is one I can hardly endure- then I'll up and abandon ship after three sessions. Mainly to be nice to the DM and give them three good chances, but of course say something nonetheless when three sessions pass. After three, it's make or break. This, however, is going to be the tale as to how that rule came about. I feel a storytelling bone in me today, so I'm going to snap it here and tell you how such a rule of mine became... With quite possibly, the most bizarre session of D&D I've ever encountered.
It started when I was perusing online forums because I had since left one of my longest running games and wanted something to fill that dice-shaped void in my head. I, of course, wasn't picky and found plenty of interesting worlds with a catchy premise. I found one, and I can't remember for the life of me what the name of their game was, but there easily had to have been 30+ different applicants in the current "Looking for Group" post. I waltzed in with this character: A Water Genasi who had since woken up after a wondrously long slumber from a deep lake in a mountain, arising from the depths of murky waters and back to reality. It was followed with a stereotypical "forgotten past, trying to recover it." type deal. This managed to get the Dungeon Master's attention, and this is when the first messages were sent between us. From here, I was able to join the game and get a bearing on the DM. They bombarded me with questions about my character, asking what they looked like, if they were non-binary(?), and what exactly I planned to do with them. They wrote out an intro for me, as well as provided some character images the DM envisioned my character to be! Such as... Quincy from Bleach and the most stereotypical Avatar of Water that you'd imagine. Two polar opposites, to my knowing. Though, after deciphering their first five blocks of texts, being assigned to send a top-down token EXACTLY of my characters appearance, (thankfully, I have a bit of art skill,) and being given an incredibly curated but altered backstory by the DM, (that they insisted I need to have instead) I was in. This was the start: the best worst was yet to come.
I showed up for the first session, just barely finding the time to draw a custom top-down token and build my character to LVL 7, but I made it. I met the party, and their names I've forgotten- but their characters? There was our Druid, who I'll call "Monkey." Forever cursed to be a Monkey for some reason. Then, there was a Paladin, who I'll call "Dragon." A sensible person, who joined the same time I did. Oh, then our Rouge, which I'll name "Fox." I'll get to them later. I believe there was also a fighter we had, and I'll call them "Bull." They were your typical frontline white-bread brand of fighter, and probably the quietest one. I'll simply call my character "Fish" since I was stuck in a water-tank the whole time. And finally, from what I clearly remember, the party was also being helicoptered by not one, but four different DMPC's. All of which had their reasoning for being there as some were "necessary for the next part or important for a quest." or somehow significant to a PC. I remember Monkey was being trailed by another big monkey, so that was cool??
Because of my customized backstory from my Dungeon Master, I was sealed in this large water-tank... Inside of a secret base... On top of a snowy mountain... And the party was miles down from where I was. It took four, almost five hours, for my character to be introduced. Dragon was new and introduced themselves to the party at an outpost. That took around thirty minutes, at the beginning. And as they ascended up the mountain, they were bombarded by... Scarecrows? Right- apparently, at the teeming precipice of this mountain, there was scarecrows. The party, at every interval of a scarecrow, was faced with fighting Shadows! (Not to mention every DMPC also joining in the combat as well.) They could have been avoided, but it was combat session back-to-back with the party failing at stealth for the most part, but at some point, Monkey was willingly triggering the obvious traps and starting up more combat. I think Dragon and Bull tried pulling them aside, but to no avail. Then, the party decided to take rests in-between because these shadows really f*cked them up one by one. Albeit, only short ones, thank god.
Combat certainly took long, but what REALLY built on the time was the constant pauses and rolls the DM took after every combat session. Pulling up random loot tables where I can only assume the file name was untitled41.jpg and ripped off the google search in the moment of. After all, who wouldn't want loot such as a human brain in a jar...? Or maybe a severed limb of a scarecrow three times over!
But, three hours in, I remember getting a message from my DM after weakly messaging him if I was ever going to make it in. They sent me a kind invitation as to ask me if I wanted my character to instead not be sealed and be waiting outside of the entrance for the party. However, if I DID decide to do that, I would have to fight through the minions of the deity that put me in this test-tank. I was dead in the eyes by this point, looking at my screen as I simply said "No, I'll wait for them." I had, quite literally, no other choice. It's either I hinder my party and make this longer than it has to be, or I endure the unsatiable Monkey throwing their whole body first into scarecrows while the whole party has to protest and say "we need a short rest." after almost every single scarecrow. And there was at least six or seven of them, so it took a hot f*cking minute for me to get anything here. It didn't help that I was holding out for the party, as to not ruin the flow. I realized later on there was no flow, but again, I'll get to them later.
At long last, the party finally made it to the secret base. The "Saltcellar," since that's about as close as I remember to the actual name of the hellhole. The party is faced with multiple rooms, and are met with those minions who are watching over me to make sure I'm sealed in. So, more combat... You'd think. The party combines their braincells and instead fools the minions out of the rooms and find the one I'm locked in. This also seals them in the same room I'm in, so we're all locked up in here now while minions bang at the door. I'm actually in this storage type room when the party find me, with dozens of other test-tube subjects in water tanks. Some of them are obscured, and some of them are clear as day for what they got inside. One happens to be a Beholder that is also clearly awake, but I'll get to them later.
This is also where I make more of a nitpick, but still something notable to mention: The DM had a map for everything. Every room had something, but every asset barely fit with each other. One thing looked like it was taken from 2-Minute Tabletop, one looked hyper-realistic. One looked incredibly blurry from upscaling, and in another you could clearly see the white pixelated outline on it. The sheer amount of detail in every single room, and the lighting were appreciated but all over the place. If you interacted with even a single piece of equipment on anything, you got the fabled 3-minute pause where the DM phased out and pulled out bf299910fgk1llm3n0w.png. Both Monkey and Bull were keen on delving on every item and investigating every little thing. I could tell the DM had to make some stuff on the fly, simply because of how some things were worded out of the blue. I get the struggle, and I respect every map having something to explore, but lack of consistency for me was enough to make my head spin in this campaign.
After it all, nearing five hours, I finally get to introduce my character. I turn on my theme music: a calm but mysterious and somber tune. I had ALL of this time to write an introduction for them, and finally finish their full body portrait I started. It was near perfect, and one of my best intros yet in all of my D&D games to this day...
...and then the game ends right after that. Oh, but not right then- since I showed my new character art, the DM immediately tosses aside the top-down token art I MADE and uses a cutting tool in my new artwork. They then take the full body portrait and make that my new and "better" token. So now, my token is a full body of my character who's warped but a gargantuan-sized creature on the map, while everyone else has small, normal tokens. (I should also mention that neither Dragon, nor anyone else had top-downs. Guess it didn't f*cking matter the effort I put into it. Huh.)
By now, I feel my eyelids are heavy, and everyone gets a good look of my character afterwards. Now the game finally ends. The DM thanks everyone for coming, and for about five minutes stays to chat. I remember vividly the DM simply just telling me: "hey, sorry we couldn't get to you sooner! sometimes what could take 5 minutes can take 5 hours haha" and Fox openly advertising her own game she's running. Not that it should be a big deal, but the way Fox was pitching their game did come off as condescending and they made sure to highlight a very "eastern" theme it had. It wasn't until the second session that I realized something was going on between Fox and the GM. I'll get to them later.
As they all talked, I weakly laughed at everything but had to turn off my mic, recoiling in my chair and taking a long breath after all of it. Then, comes the aftermath of this entire session. It wasn't over, oh no, not just yet. In the group chat, there was more than 20+, maybe even 50+ people who were just offline or didn't even play in the campaign at all. A side note, and maybe significant considering the (owner of the serveDM) pinged (at)everyone for the end of the weeks campaign. A session recap, followed with an excruciatingly long list. Looking into it, everything began to piece itself together. It made sense why Monkey threw themselves into combat. Why Bull had inspected every little bit of everything. Even Dragon and Fox got something out of what they did. Even I, in getting barely any time to do anything in my fishbowl, had the chance to shine out somehow. It looked like this:

- Monkey got 100 EXP for First Hit on Shadow Wraith (x2) -Bull got 25 EXP for basically breathing on an item -_-- The party killed a wraith! Or was it a shadow? idunoo here's 300EXP (shared lol) 3) Fox got 69 EXP for trying to squeeze blood out of a stone?? - Dragon got 120 EXP because- oop they just left the server ....Fish got 1 EXP for... being there, I guess? 121 EXP for just being there... I guess
This was a lot longer, but it was basically the "participation award" of the game, where everyone got something regardless of what they did, and that wasn't just excluded to EXP but items as well. (By the way, we are Level 7. All of the EXP was this miniscule, if not for the monsters.) If you picked something up, it was documented in the session recap. The most miniscule, annoying things to deal with is always something being micromanaged. As if controlling a full campaign, players, DMPC's, and enemies wasn't enough for the DM. But while I wasn't going to bring my complaints to the DM (yet) I was certainly too tired to be livid at my first session with my new group. In fact, let me recap the last bits of what also happened after this session in this horrid EXP style since it would only be fitting.
...Fox's advertised her campaign and DM waltzed into my PM's, personally to commission me! They saw the art I made wanted to make a warforged, so I agreed. I was terribly undersold by the quality of the work I was going to make for them, but never actually took him up on the work. Always said I was working on it, never actually did because of the paltry price. (Fullbody w/color&shading <15$) ...Monkey felt the need to add more detail to whatever happened during the session. They were hyper-fixated on the curse of being a monkey and described to us moreover their behavior because of this. It included how they probably would have used their excrement as a projectile among other things. Lovely. ...Dragon just straight up left at some point between the end of this session and the beginning of the next. I thought DM would have found someone else to bring in, but nobody came. ...Bull was there, too, I guess...? ...Fish, me, REALLY wanted to sleep instead of deal with a head-splitting migraine of aftermath from this campaign and did exactly that.
tl;dr - I joined a well-advertised campaign, but things aren't as they seem. map assets and the objective are pretty much everywhere, other players are being self-destructive for a little extra exp while others are fighting for their life despite having 4 dmpc meat shields, and generally sh*t has since stopped the fan from so much being thrown at it. it takes 4+ hours for my character to get an introduction, and i get slapped with the session ending right after i do and a simple "sorry lol." we then get a recap and the most convoluted and inconsistent EXP system to boot afterwards.
If you made it this far, I'm inclined to believe that you just skipped to the bottom from the sheer wall of text. But if you read all of it, congrats! This is part one, and I apologize if it's all over the place. I'm currently editing and making finishing touches at midnight. If you want to see more, please say something below! (I'll probably post it regardless, since part two is going to be a lot more flavorful. That I can promise. It even comes with a side story! That's right: more text.) If you have any questions or just want to give your own input, I'll definitely respond if not answer some of them too. Here's to next post, lads. I'll get to them later.
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2022.01.23 15:11 Vinlandien Is this game on console?

Watching a guy on YouTube play this(anthomnia) and it looks fun.
I’d buy it on xbox
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2022.01.23 15:11 GamingxZone Battlefield 3 - Mission 10 Rock and a Hard Place

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2022.01.23 15:11 MaxWrestlingWA All That The Light Touches is Alabaster's

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2022.01.23 15:11 Helionaut1 RoadART - point cloud art NFT collection. Metaverse enabler?

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2022.01.23 15:11 mufasis New tuber here, long time trader, if you’re interested in finance in anyway, tune in!

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2022.01.23 15:11 Fit_Fly9799 How do you know when to go?

My spouse of nearly 12 yrs has been cheating on me for almost 5 years with the same person. I found out, about 2.5 months ago. He is a true narcissist blaming me for all of his actions, even so far as to say if I wasn't spying on him in his phone that I wouldn't be feeling the way I am now. We have kids together, so I'm trying to make it work and stay hopeful that the trust can be rebuilt and that the love will return like it was. But he talks to me so awful, and he blames that on me too, because I shouldn't be talking harshly to him because of how I am feeling. I truly feel like I'm just here to cook, clean and take of everyone else. He keeps saying he's trying, but I don't see it. And if he was, I don't think I'd be feeling this way and feeling so lonely. So when do u know if it's time to go or if you should continue working on it?
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2022.01.23 15:11 MrIdiot1 Everyone, uh, I-Im Germany.

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2022.01.23 15:11 DoriXD Is there any way to try lost ark before release?

the reason i wanna try it rn is to see if i can run it. i ve got a pretty old pc, and its gonna take some time before i can buy a new one. I also wanna buy a funders pack if its gonna work any good. the GPU that i have rn its an amd r7 240 2gb. thanks
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2022.01.23 15:11 Hot_Passenger_2520 Hate to break it to every one

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2022.01.23 15:11 buddha3434 Mt. Hood, Oregon, over the foggy foothills [OC] [5472x3648]

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2022.01.23 15:11 shaked_noSuS חיי הנישואין של כל גבר ממוצא בישראל

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2022.01.23 15:11 MJenius-MJ 14yo mfs be like I'm straight

Ya, straight up annoying stop talking to me
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2022.01.23 15:11 Odd_Silver_6247 Any EP3 for sale in south US?

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2022.01.23 15:11 MeaninglessVids Any Recomendation For an Opening Against e4?

I always played b5 on the next move or Kxe7, anyone got any worse?
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2022.01.23 15:11 Koasol Je cherche le titre d'un film français dans le style d'American Pie

Hello, je cherche le titre d’un film à l’ancienne qui était dans le genre d’American Pie. Il me semble que c’était un film français et le mec avait un petit accident dans ses spaghettis. J’imagine que la plupart des gens ont arrêté les carbo pendant un petit bout de temps. Aucune idée du titre du film ? 📷
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2022.01.23 15:11 Crystal_Cloud77 BORUTTO NFT GIF CHEAP

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