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2022.01.23 15:32 CriticalCow6374 Magna Graecia (source: wikipedia)

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2022.01.23 15:32 bucket--bot not banned for my Xbox and breedable

princesses since apparently the community market in 1989 at me oh cool just have both things for your teeth are being the right side of Darth Plagueis the headaches are a guitar by a massive beard than 'there is not lmfao
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2022.01.23 15:32 sounza Yugioh Master Duel Is It Worth Playing? - The Gaming Archives

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2022.01.23 15:32 SameCategory546 DUOL lockup expiry: Time to buy puts was Friday but maybe not too late?
So 180 days after 7/28/2021 is 1/24/2022. Wish I had found this on Friday but I'm sure it's not too late to make money.
After a painful opex, I'm sure there are lots of retail panicking that the sky is falling and therefore it is time to start looking at lockup expirations during a correction. While I am not sure whether the bottom is in or not, I am not sure we will get any kind of reversal before FOMC.
291k average volume with at least a couple million shares hitting the market (looks like employees were allowed to sell some early). It has to do some damage and there is no support at these levels.
P/S of 6/17 and losing money as they continue to light cash on fire. In this environment and the uncertainty before FOMC, the risk that some institution would swoop in and snap up those locked up shares tomorrow has to be low imo.......
Chart looks weak to me too.
Am I missing anything?

Positions: none yet, but I'll buy a couple (I don't have a lot of cash rn) 2/18 puts tomorrow and sell before FOMC unless you all convince me not to.
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2022.01.23 15:32 CleaningMySlate k-on is a subtle psychological thriller

K-On is a subtle psychological thriller about a rich sadist using strategic kindness to torture a group of her unsuspecting social inferiors while slowly being disarmed and healed by their artless sincerity.
It's the kind of plot that could drive a great 19th century opera or novel, but it's performed so
delicately you barely notice it's happening. it's understandable to watch an episode and think,
"well, nothing happened". But that’s the art of it. Because really, everything happened, it was only
disguised as effervescence
The strawberry incident is the perfect example, and arguably the climax of the entire show (I don't think
it's a coincidence that it's one of the moments that stood out to people, even those who only saw the show as a collection of moments) Over the second season, we see Mugi lose interest in
actively sculpting the purgatory in which she has ensnared the girls, as she instead begins to identify herself As one of them, as someone not merely observing their drama but suffering it as well.
As a result, her sadism transforms into a kind of masochism, Where she constantly tries to debase herself, submitting to mental labour, etc, all in an effort to capture the freedom, warmth, and sincerity of her peasants (compare and contrast the character of Konstantin Levin from Anna Karenina)
However, it's not enough, and we see her grow more frustrated over the season. Part of the framework of the status quo she has created, is that the other characters worship her as a benevolent goddess who can do no wrong. As a result, she can never receive justice or absolution for the suffering she has willingly inflicted, and for this reason must always be kept spiritually apart from them. This all comes to a head with her plan to receive a slap from Mio. Mio, as the primary target of Mugi's torture, is the only one capable of delivering the physical acknowledgement of her crimes that she craves. But here, tragically, she is defeated by her younger, more malicious and calculating self. The status quo she has created is too strong. She never receives her slap. By trying to be like her subjects and earn their friendship, she has become just another toy in the hands of her own cruel genius. It's a sobering but strangely beautiful cap to the arc of one of the most complex anti-villains in fiction.
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2022.01.23 15:32 samian3 fine way to end the weekend.

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2022.01.23 15:32 RedArowana11 [m27] Can't get a GF.Dates never want to see me for a 2nd time, be honest. Thanks

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2022.01.23 15:31 Willing-Clock-8884 Mikaela Reidy’s Biography - Lifestyle, Relationship, Age, Career, Net worth, wiki ...

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2022.01.23 15:31 GooberEats90 [WTS] Send-It-Sunday: 3 Modded Wiis and - new Mazel Driver golf club (VA)

Available are 3 modded Wii’s, a new Mazel Driver and extras I’ll throw in for buying/trading for everything. Individual listings below. Total trade/BIN value: $420.69 SHIPPED and insured.
Trades I’m interested in:

Nonfirearm stuff I’m looking for:
For Trade/Sale, all prices shipped and insured:
1) Mazel Titanium Golf Driver $100
2) Modded Wiis
Each system includes a modified wii with homebrew installed on the system that runs the emulators/games. Also includes an OEM Wii controller, OEM nunchuck, silicone controller cover, AV cables, Power supply and sensor bar. More games can always be added onto the system via guides on reddit and YouTube.
Each system is slightly different as far as its contents and they’re listed below:
1) $125 System includes the following emulators with tons of games including the most sought after ones for the original system: - Nintendo - Super Nintendo - Sega CD, Master, and Mega Drive - Gameboy Advance - N64, only these games: Mario kart, super Mario 64, Zelda 64, super smash bros, and Starfox 64 - NeoGeo, only these games: Metal Slug 1 & 2, Super Sidekicks 2, King of Fighters - Nintendont GameCube Loader (no games installed, just the emulator)
2) $135 System includes the following emulators with tons of games including the most sought after ones for the original system: - Nintendo - Super Nintendo - Sega CD, Master, and Mega Drive - Gameboy Advance, Gameboy Color, and Gameboy Orginal - N64 (emulator only) - Nintendont Gamcube Loader (emulator only)
3) $140 System includes the following emulators with tons of games including the most sought after ones for the original system: - Nintendo - Super Nintendo - Sega CD, Master, and Mega Drive - Gameboy Advance - N64 - YouTube - Netflix - Hulu Plus - Amazon
TV/BIN of all 3 Wii’s is $350 and I’ll include a wii stand, additional oem controller, and silicone controller case for taking them all off my hands.
If you trade fobuy the Wiis and the golf club, I have other items I’ll throw in for free.
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2022.01.23 15:31 The_epic_bottle23422 I saw a marker and I knew what I had to do

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2022.01.23 15:31 FlamedChameleon Same Name, Same Deck, Same 3-0 loses but 3 times in a row. What are the chances to face the same opponent 3 times.

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2022.01.23 15:31 RedDurden_00 Impact should bring back the Beat Down Clan

Going by the recent spoilers and return he should lead the new BDC with Vincent, Maclin & Hernandez. I know it’s a fantasy and won’t happen but imagine the gang warfare, Bullet Club & Violent by Design
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2022.01.23 15:31 kisakicris Osceola Campus

What building and room number are the cafeteria and fitness center at? I can't find it on the map in the valencia website. :(
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2022.01.23 15:31 ESSARGEE minecraft ravine makes me scream like a GIRL...?

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2022.01.23 15:31 betememes [WTS/WTT] Apple Watch SE 40mm for Folder, AR Pistol Accessories, X300, TLR1, Anything(MO)

In good condition:
Apple Watch SE 40mm GPS w/ original box & charger. TV/SV: $190
Looking for:

Down for local pickups in KC area!
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2022.01.23 15:31 No-Cow-5383 Relighting a candle possibility

Hey odd question but like I've heard/read possibilities of some witches being able to manipulate energy to re light candles, how is this achieved? Sorry if it's a dumb question I'm just genuinely curious (and kinda wanna try it myself to save on matches lol)
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2022.01.23 15:31 High-SpeedComeApart [XBOX] [H] Guardian TW Southern [W] UNCERT TW Southern - FREE CERT UPGRADE FOR YOU

I don't care about my cert, swapping for uncert TW for free.
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2022.01.23 15:31 napsty52 Manga Zoro vs Current Garp

Who wins in a fight?
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2022.01.23 15:31 justanotherbrowngurl What should i look for in my potential husband

I come from a culture where arranged marriages are common. You meet someone (kinda like parent organised dates)and date them for sometime and decide if you want to get married. I’ve been seeing people but I don’t know on what basis im supposed to judge them and make a decision. I dont fall in live easily..tried dating through apps but nothing worked out. What qualities must one look for in a long term commitment
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2022.01.23 15:31 JoahkimHellblazer Eu não gosto do meu sotaque, como consertar?

Durante toda minha vida as pessoas sempre acharam minha voz estranha, aparentemente eu não tenho o sotaque característico de Recife, não apenas isso, parece que eu sequer falo como um nordestino, e isso me irrita bastante, nunca morei em nenhum lugar além daqui. Já perguntaram se eu era carioca, paulista, mineiro, gaúcho, etc. Uma vez me confundiram com um turista americano apesar de eu ser bem pardo, quando falei que era brasileiro o garçom disse “me desculpa, tu fala esquisito”. Isso não faz o menor sentido, não apenas vivi a vida toda aqui e meus pais são do interior de Pernambuco e Alagoas, tanto eles como meus irmãos tem sotaques carregados. E isso não é de agora, desde pequeno é isso, “você fala feito um desenho animado”, “você fala como apresentador de jornal”, “parece que você está lendo um dicionário”, inclusive uma das piores lembranças que tenho é minha mãe me chamando para a sala e pedindo pra eu falar uma frase aleatório, eu falo e todas elas começam a rir alto porque eu “falo feito um robô”. Isso me deixa um pouco chateado, tem alguma maneira de consertar isso? Eu acabei de perder uma vaga de emprego por conta disso, ao que parece o jeito que eu falo não transmite “identificação com a população local” e passa “muita rigidez”.
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2022.01.23 15:31 ikonicstopwatch [SOTC] [HEUER] HEUER stopwatch 430 microsplit

[SOTC] [HEUER] HEUER stopwatch 430 microsplit
In 1974 HEUER asks to Richard Sapper to design a successor for the HL 820, the smallest electronic device with a 1/100th second accuracy at its time. In 1976 a new set of stopwatches is released. The ref. 520, 530, 420 and 430 become this year the new smallest 1/100th second accuracy electronic timers. They are very similar and all are dressed by this smart and elegant black case. They feature the split (rattrapante) and lap (taylor) mode, which can be switched from a lateral button. In the next year this beautiful case is used with antoher stopwatches launched at the end of the 70s (ref. 410, ref. 400 ...). After the success of this collaboration, Richard Sapper keeps creating for HEUER, introducing new electronical wrist (ref. 370) and pocket (ref. 320/325) timers.
The ref. 430 (or HL 430 in its long form) on this pictures comes from the US. Swiss adress is replaced by the US one. In the 70's US HEUER office is located in Springlfield (NJ)...
... So Are HEUER and Bart in the same city. Just above a short fan-art cartoon to illustrate it :)
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2022.01.23 15:31 Historical_Basket52 Discussion on Buybacks

I just got watching the PSG vs RNG game 2, crazy game. It made me think that buybacks hinder the game more than help. Teams just play too passive to wait for buybacks and slows the game down. I do not like seeing an epic teamfight clash and then 8 buybacks, so everyone's up and you do this every 8 minutes. Do you think they should change how BB works? I would like to see the 5-9 man buybacks removed and something like a charge system that costs no gold but you only get 1 buyback as a team every 5-8 minutes instead
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2022.01.23 15:31 Immediate-Mixture990 BRAZZERS & PORNHUB &...

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2022.01.23 15:31 Lightnaros Tub vinyl (?) damaged during cleaning.

Was cleaning my tub today and what I think is the vinyl got a rip and crack in it. I don't think the fiberglass is damaged, but I'm worried if it will collect water and cause damage down the line. Or will it just drain like normal. Is there anything I could/should do to prevent any issues in the future?\
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2022.01.23 15:31 MetApeNFT 🍒🔥NFT GIVEAWAYS!!🔥🍒MetApe NFT🌱 - UPVOTE & READ COMMENT 🌱

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