I’m scared of being alone forever

Alone, all alone Nobody, but nobody Can make it out here alone. There are some millionaires With money they can't use Their wives run round like banshees ... Do not be wedded forever To fear, yoked eternally To brutishness. The horizon leans forward, Offering you space to place new steps of change. TAMPA, Fla. — Delanie Dennis has never met an animal she didn't love. Okay, spiders and snakes might "startle" her a bit, the 9-year-old says.

2021.12.04 20:44 moonmochiluv I’m scared of being alone forever

I’m freshly 19, so my last teenager year. I had one relationship when I was 15-17, and now I’m with new guy almost a year. He has everything I wanted from my first boyfriend, but misses everything I loved about my first boyfriend. I’m sad everyday because of our relationship, I guess I need to broke up with him, but it’s just bad situation, bad time, and he has the worst family. I fear, that I will never find someone who loves like he does, he loves everything about me and he is such a good person. I’m scared of being alone and meeting new people. I feel I had my chances and after I will not find anyone better. I feel awful, selfish and fake, that I don’t want to stay with my boyfriend. I’m discussing, I just want someone I can see often, can go to his home, being part of his family, to have someone to pick me up from school or work…
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2021.12.04 20:44 Cinnamonscull Hello! Does anyone have a good recommendation for wholesale plant suppliers in the US? I would really love to start selling houseplants at my pop-up stand. TIA :)

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2021.12.04 20:44 picard088 Voyager had an accurate depiction of modern pornsick society 25 years ago. But the bright side for us is that resistance against porn is not futile!

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2021.12.04 20:44 ScotsAtTheDisco SIMPLE TRICK. POLICE HATE IT!

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2021.12.04 20:44 Infamous_Master Not that I need them, but did the game have to leave me hanging like that?

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2021.12.04 20:44 kawsheen my spotify wrapped is hella funny lmao 💀💀💀

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2021.12.04 20:44 GMgregster94 Question about daily pay

I had signed up literally 10 minutes before this post, but just canceled my account(Learned that Dailypay is ass). Now, I never entered a debit card or bank account. It did say I had an amount of money I could take out, but I never took any out.
Now the question is, will that 514$ that it said I could use, be left alone, considering I canceled the account? Or will my paycheck be small, thus me getting screwed out of 514$ just because I signed up, but canceled after not wanting to use it?
My direct deposit is still my actual bank account, and not dailypay as well.
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2021.12.04 20:44 Impossible-Bar-521 🔴 We're HIRING! SpyWolf is growing! We are seeking a few individuals to help us in different departments to ensure we can meet our goals and grow this project! If you want to join our team, contact @tjay_Spywolf or @frank_Spywolf on telegram for more information about the roles. Thanks!

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2021.12.04 20:44 Electrical-Ad8812 BLM

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2021.12.04 20:44 Anonymous_Annie5523 I hate having Kevins as Security

Just to set the stage, I'm the Audit Supervisor in a hotel in the downtown area in a major city. While we are a business hotel we're located near a lot of bars and clubs so we get a lot of chaos at night. Especially on weekends. So we have a hired security that comes on property 5 nights a week and stays the full night.
Because of how crazy our property can get, our exterior doors are set to AUTO so that people can go in and out freely, they all lead into a vestibule that has a second set of doors that are set to ONE-WAY meaning that they can only go from the inside of the building out. Someone on the outside of these doors must use their keycard or hit the buzzer to speak with a desk agent. This will be important for later.
An hour or so after our bar closed for the night and the part-time bartender went home, our full-time bartender stopped in with some friends. She said they were out for the night and felt like ordering a pizza and popping in to say hi. I said sure and they parked themselves off to the side. When I buzzed the pizza guy in through the south entrance, a crowd of guests came in the north entrance and some guy followed in behind them and went straight for our market area.
He started digging through stuff and grabbed some chips and came to me saying to charge them to his room. I asked for the room number and he told me "43 or uh...maybe 47" ...what? "Um, sir, what's your last name?" He gives me his last name and it doesn't come up in my system. I try a few different spelling variations and nothing. I even went so far as to search the first initial "P" and there were only 3 names that popped up in-house and not a single one was close to his. "Sir, if you can't give me room number and last name I need to take cash or a card." He tried to argue to just put it to the room and I stood my ground, "Cash or card".
He started going through his pockets and pulls out a stack of cards but doesn't bother going through them. He keeps muttering that his sister has all his money and he doesn't have cash. I told him I could take credit or debit and he hands me two Visa Gift Cards. Both decline. He then digs through his pockets again until a couple comes to the doors. They buzz me, I ask for room numbelast name and they confirmed they're guests. I let them in and they come to get new keys.
The man tries to step out of the way so that I can take care of the guests. I tell him that I have to ring him up first, he tells me to take care of the guests. We go back and forth with this for a moment before the guest just offers to pay for the chips. I begrudgingly take the card from the guest and start to close out the transaction.
Remember how I let the pizza guy in? Well, he actually dropped off two orders. 1 for my bartender and 1 for a guest who hadn't come down yet. This is common and the delivery guys know to just leave it at the desk with me. Most people won't touch it or will ask if it's theirs before they do. The chips guy didn't. He just started lifting the lid to look at the food. I snapped and told him to stop and to get out. He tried to argue that he was checking to see if the pizza was his. I told him I knew the order wasn't his, that he isn't a guest here and that he needs to leave now. He tried to argue more with me but I just kept telling him to get out until he finally did.
The guest apologized to me for getting involved and I told them to not worry, I wasn't going to charge them for the chips, and for them having to be caught up in that situation I let them take two waters for free from the market. They again apologized to me and asked if this was a regular thing. I took a deep breath and smiled, "Unfortunately, it is downtown...and a Friday night." The guests seemed to understand but still felt bad, I sighed and nodded over their shoulder while whispering, "I'm honestly more upset that my security is still on TikTok."
The guests look over and, you guessed it, my security officer is sitting there, not even 6ft from us, eyeballs deep in his phone. He not once looked up to see what was going on with the chips guy!
The guests walked off to the elevators and as soon as I saw them step on and I made sure no one else was around, I got his attention, "Kevin! ...KEVIN!" He slowly looked away from his phone with a half-smile/half laugh on his face, I threw my arms up and just stared him down. "DUDE! What the fuck?!" He was so confused and I just unloaded on him with everything he just missed out on. He was so shocked that he shot up, threw his phone in a drawer behind the desk, and profusely apologized to me for being distracted. He then started rambling about how he's supposed to be better and he will do better. The whole time I'm rolling my eyes and watching cameras, trying to see if chip guy was actually gone.
As soon as I looked up from cameras at the doors I saw him standing there. He never actually left. He walked on the other side of the one-way door and hid off camera. I pointed him out and told Kevin to make him leave, do not let him in! Kevin walked right up to the doors to where they would open, stood in the open doorway, and told this guy to leave. Chip guy got in his face and started berating him, saying he was a guest and an officer and didn't deserve to be treated this way. Kevin was startled, backed up, and let the guy in the building! Kevin looked at me confused and I shot him an angry look and shook my head, Kevin then puffed up and got back in the guy's face demanding ID. Chip guy said he didn't have to and that he wanted his pizza. That's when I started shouting for him to get out again. Kevin then cut me off and told me to call the police. I knew nothing else was going to be done so I did.
While I'm on the phone with 911 Kevin is still keeping the guy from going any further in the lobby, I'm shaking from anger, anxiety, and stress at this point and am skipping over my own words so 911 is having to ask me to repeat myself over and over. I eventually give a description of the guy and our address and as soon as I'm off the phone with 911 chip guy decides to finally leave on his own.
While we're waiting on the police to arrive, someone inside the club right across the street somehow snuck a gun into the building and started firing. Police were obviously more focused on that than our chip thief so they never came.
I told Kevin to get the pizza to the guest room and then start doing a perimeter check to be sure that Chip guy was actually gone this time. I watched cameras and made sure he actually left the building this time. I kept my eyes on the cameras until I got a phone call, it was the pizza delivery guy. Turns out the pizza that chip guy tried to steal was meant for another hotel with the same name! He was calling to tell us whoever wanted the pizza could just have it. While I'm trying not to scream out loud I catch on camera, you guessed it, Chip guy!
He somehow snuck around the property under and off camera and into the south vestibule and waited, again off-camera, until a crowd of people came in. He tried to hide behind them until he was at the market, I immediately put down the phone and shouted at him to get out again. He walked in grabbed chips rolled his eyes at me and said "What are you gonna do about it? You already called the cops, tell them I took shit too while you're at it." then strolled out.
Where was Kevin? He had just started his perimeter check and caught chip guy as he was walking out of the building. Kevin just stood there yelling at him to not come back. Chip guy just kept walking and flipped Kevin off.
Kevin tried to come in and write up an incident report, he didn't know how to fill one out and didn't know what to put. I had already been writing one as the events occurred, with time stamps and camera numbers, and just copy and pasted what I had typed and told Kevin I could email it to him and he could edit it to be from his perspective with his information. He said no and for me to just print it out. I did and he just crossed out his name in parts and wrote mine instead. So where mine said that "I then watched cameras while Kevin did a perimeter check." It said that Kevin sat at the desk with the cameras while I did the perimeter check. He then signed it!
For the next 3 hours, Kevin refused to leave the front desk. He went into our back office, grabbed a chair, and sat down right beside me and watched cameras, buzzed people in, and was directly in my way when I was trying to do the audit. Multiple times I had to tell him to get up and go take care of people hiding in the vestibules because instead of him actually watching the cameras he was back on his phone or was talking to me about whatever popped in his head.
I remained silent until I finished the audit and then took a long trip to the ladies' room, then took even longer making the coffee for the lobby. I just needed to be away from him for a while. My head was splitting open from the stress headache. I come back to the desk and realize he has 15 minutes left of his shift. He looks up at me with puppy eyes and before he even asks I just groan and tell him he can go. 15 minutes isn't 2hrs and at this point, he's proven he's utterly useless anyway.
He then tells me he's excited to work with me again tonight! I'm so considering calling out...
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2021.12.04 20:44 TheTime-Traveller Hello, can anyone help me identify these three?

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2021.12.04 20:44 cruisespace2 [Sério] Porque é que temos tantos expats anti vacinas ?

Vi um inglês a ser escoltado por um seguranço de um supermercado porque se recusou a usar máscara, depois tenho notado que muitos imigrantes ''expats'' (britânicos, holandeses) que estão em Portugal não acreditam no covid e se deixam levar por teorias da conspiração.
Porque é que esta tendência anti vacina é mais proeminente no norte da europa do que no sul?
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2021.12.04 20:44 hijo_del_chapo My 2021 Recap is up

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2021.12.04 20:44 Jtrojan715 Port forward on netgear 7550 att

Has anyone been able to get the AT&T netgear 7550 to portforward
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2021.12.04 20:44 hugo06 Error while loading

Anyone know why when I load the game all I get is an error message? It's been happening all week to me and it's updated to the latest update. Thanks for the help
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2021.12.04 20:44 AndrewIsntCool Roomates and I made mac and cheese with Monster Energy instead of water

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2021.12.04 20:44 n04h_407 Anyone got him

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2021.12.04 20:44 whattwodue21 My aunt's husband won't let her leave the house, get the v#x, or meet their first grandchild!!

My aunt is married to a creepy and controlling man. She's been under his control for almost 45 years. Ever since March 2020/COVID times he has forbidden her from seeing any of the family and from getting the vaccine. Whatever he says...GOES. She hasn't joined any of the family gatherings since COVID even though most of us ARE vaccinated. She finally has a grandchild. Her husband doesn't deem it safe for them to visit their grandchild. I don't understand when it will be safe in his eyes to travel. He's had my aunt locked up in their house for almost two years. I know that she is brainwashed by his thinking. It's so sad to see this happening and I feel helpless. Is there anything I can do to help her situation? I know that it's "none of my business", but it hurts me (and all my other family members) to see my aunt be so controlled by such a monster. She has two sons and they are also under their dad's spell and put him on a pedestal even though he is a creepy AF controlling person.
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2021.12.04 20:44 CynocePhallus Been looking for this for a while!

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2021.12.04 20:44 minotaurinmaze How Does Happy Chaos Even Work

Am I missing something here? How do you even manage to play this character? I've always liked gunslinger type characters, but I just can't figure this one out. I probably won't end up playing him much, but I'd love to at least know what to do as this character.
I've been in training mode for a few hours learning some things with him, but as soon I go online and I'm absolutely destroyed. Everyone just seems to be at such a higher skill level with Happy Chaos than me. I haven't won a single match yet. Even the offline CPUs that are normally a breeze give me a hard time.
How do you manage two meters at once where you barely have any time to refill them? The doppelganger move doesn't work well as a defensive option to refill most of the time (Ex: Axl's grab input goes through it, Ramlethal's swords strike through it, Potemkin's Slide Head goes under it). Even when it does work the other opponent is usually too aggressive for me to have time to do anything after sending the doppelganger out. I end up just wasting HP sending it out.
Even when my bullets and concentration is completely filled I don't even feel like there's a point for me to use it because Happy Chaos' accuracy is so horrible. I end up missing half of the shots I take due to the reticle just being a few inches away from my opponent. That and I feel just so defenseless due to my inability to gaurd when holding it. The ball that increases accuracy isn't useful either because then the curse is another thing to manage on top of the two other meters.
Most of his normal attacks that don't involve the gun feel lackluster as well. They either don't hit very far at all or they stay out to long. Over all I'm just confused on how to even do anything with this character. He seems like he's so much fun and he was one of the characters I wanted in the DLC. It sucks so much not understanding anything and being destroyed by everyone else who all seem to be so much more proficient with him than me. If anyone could maybe just give me some pointers or tips on how to get better with him that'd be so amazing. Thanks!
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2021.12.04 20:44 iluvdvds Kevin & Perry Go Large [2000]

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2021.12.04 20:44 zg3cg How Liberals Can Be HAPPIER (New York Times Article) | The AUX

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2021.12.04 20:44 OlafBolivio 10% off your essay with my referral code

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2021.12.04 20:44 esbeckjfs DABBU GIVEAWAY FREE FOR EVERYONE WORTH 0.09 ETH (600$) 🎁 Upvote, drop your wallet address & join discord 👍 Discord link in comments. Cheers!

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