Are go karts considered a PMD in Singapore?

2021.12.04 19:08 lilokiddo Are go karts considered a PMD in Singapore?

Im a car fanatic and it has just popped in my mind whether electric go karts can be classified as a PMD for personal use. Possible?
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2021.12.04 19:08 moatazartt Witch,me,digital,2021

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2021.12.04 19:08 jjhotdawg Puff to curly

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2021.12.04 19:08 chanjackkk The only thing that makes me think if islam is real

New exmuslim here. I left islam because the fundamentals are so weak and it is all made-up but one thing in my life that happened makes me think about my decision again and again.
I was in Jeddah, Saudi arabia and when I was 13 years old my father had an argument with a guy from Yeman and that guy at the end of argument said that I will make you move out of your home.
We lived in a flat ground floor. (Flat has 3 floors). Later that week, urine started to pour down from the walls near over sofa. Water started dripping from the ceiling. And it was a mess. We moved out to a friend's home and when we came back there was no problem of dripping water but when we came back it started again. We poured different coloured water in toilets in 1st floor (in three toilets in 1st floor) like red, yellow and blue. But then a mix of these these colours started dripping from floor. Once in while, if we are in living room a bucket of water used to be poured from the ceiling bedroom and when we are in bedroom sometimes in living room. Life was so difficult. We called in a plummer and he started cracking our ceiling to see from where water was coming but guess what there was no problem. All these happened in the first 3 days.
On the fourth day my mom used to hear sound of people calling her like "ssh ssh" and so on. So she was so afraid and we had to move to a hotel room same day and find a new flat.
Later we came to know the yemani guy was doing weird shits like making jinns do things. And my family still believes it was jinns who did that. Even I don't know how it could have happened.
After we left our room the whole flat was renovated and rented to other tenants. But if the room owner wanted us to leave he could have done that without any warning. I am saying this because you may think that the owner wanted us to leave so he could renovate. There was no written agreement or anything so he could have asked us to move out any time he wanted.
Prior to this event we lived in that flat room for 8 years and didn't have any issue.
So that's all. This is the event that happened in my life that I still can't get of my mind. Thai incident makes me believe islam and jinns are true.
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2021.12.04 19:08 MostYogurt15 [1920 x 1080] Cat girl

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2021.12.04 19:08 nnDior [NO SPOILERS] Last Christmas I gave you my heart

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2021.12.04 19:08 bozo14838 Can anyone feed me dixie or addi plss

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2021.12.04 19:08 loudzilla6969 FT:shiny ditto LF: 6iv foreign shiny ditto

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2021.12.04 19:08 Crepes4Brunch Series recommendations for partner and I to read together

I read more than average (a novel every 3-4 days) whereas my partner reads much less, however, likes to read just doesn’t know what books to try. He really liked the following series: Hunger Games, Divergent, Maximum Ride, and Robert Langdon (DaVinci Code, etc). Any recommendations for series that are possibly similar to the ones above?
Thank you for your help!!
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2021.12.04 19:08 joshua-esaw Better method for slide canceling (console)

I switch it around occasionally but which method is better for consistency
View Poll
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2021.12.04 19:08 swagbux04 this all feels so complicated

i keep bouncing back from really happy to kind of sad about everything. i'm happy we broke up; it's cliche but i actually feel kind of free. at the same time, i thought of him so highly. he really meant the world to me and he just cheated on me like it was nothing. i made the mistake of checking his insta one last time before blocking him and he posted 'well i'm back fr this time 🤣🤣' under a tik tok of him with another girl. it was last night and i still feel queasy about it. i don't miss him. it just hurts because he told me he had never felt this way for anyone before me and then not only cheated on me but just acts like it's nothing now that it's over. realizing he isn't who i thought he was is the biggest gut punch ever
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2021.12.04 19:08 jatin_vision Palestinian who stabbed Israeli in East Jerusalem is killed by police

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2021.12.04 19:08 SorenKierk- On pricing.

A climber looking skywards at the approaching moutain peak, might on occasion wind up in a state of fleeting despair. Mentally prepping for a selfie, they make an unfortunate discovery - it's not the summit: there's still a few hundred feet to go! Many of us have sufferred that mildly dejecting experience with hilly, unfamiliar terrain. Our disappointment, though, doesn't lead to denial or a rejection of the situation. Reality has revealed itself in a way that hadn't been expected or hoped for - that's all: the mountain wasn't raised at the last second to frustrate the climber.
It might be some DIY job, a journey, writing some computer code which had been expected to take an hour that wound up devouring half a day. Our response is one of frustration but not of one without understanding - the terrain wasn't as expected, different to our prior, imagined construction: a herd of cattle broke loose down a country lane, the floating shelf began to bend under the weight of our treasured book collection, the program inexplicably looped.
With admittedly only partial success, I try to view the share price movement as one responding to an autonomous system, mostly decoupled from Sorrento, occasionally re-attaching and responding to signals from the company's releases but one whose terrain will often reveal itself in unexpected, tough to comprehend and reconcile ways.
If we viewed the Sorrento market as a self-contained system, akin to a crypto currency or meme stock, say, one not personally invested, we might look with curiosity at the ebbs and flows, changes in sentiment, the stop loss attacks, fake bull and bear runs. We perhaps don't really see bitcoin value as representing something specific, bounded like a company but instread as a vague bet on a partial present, partial future reality. The picture might be even been cloudier with meme stocks such as GameStore. Nevertheless, the events and patterns formed are meaningful in and of themselves without the expectation of price changes correlating to those of some measurable entity. If AMC goes up 20% it's not beause we believe the outlook for the company has altered accordingly.
Yet when the Sorrento stock swings and is generally buffeted around, we struggle not to hold the underlyng sense the movements are company specific: the market must have adjusted its view, perhaps some inside information is playing out, lack of investor confidence in future revenues has reached critical mass.
When watching the movement of the share, it might be best to try to hold the view that local market conditions are being expressed - not as we may have hoped or expected, an environment partially influenced by Sorrento's activities but also designed or heavily shaped by other forces such as the financial media and Hedge Funds and so on.
If Sorrento drops 10%, I think, or at least try: it dived 10% - it could, so it did, its just reality unfolding, there was no resistance underfoot when pressure was applied so of course it fell. Our instinctive assumption might be: 'well, if the company was worth more it wouldn't have crashed, buyers would have emerged'. When bitcoin drops $10k that isn't my reflex, the currency is something of a wild casino or strategy game, the $10k drop hasn't much to do with a perceived change in the role of crypto in our future world.
Because Hedge Funds and Short Funds are likely still to benefit from a lower share price (as the flow of money certainly has indicated this year) I assume the price will always be sensing for lower ground - unless there's a pump and dump to exploit or possibly some impending dilution. So when seeing the price go down, I try to think that's just the terain of this market, not as I hoped or expected, but the conditions enabling that recent fall were always there, they've now just surfaced and been acted upon.
u/ScottyRed mentioned earlier this week, that despite feeling nonplussed with the price-demolition he still retained a healthy curiosity at the strangeness of it all. Many perhaps feel the same, there's some weird stuff happening which we may hope to understand and one day profit from.
This morning having surprisingly managed to hold down breakfast, I looked at yesterday's share price/volume and over recent data. Then I realised: the collapse in price over the last few weeks was justified. The confirming evidence was submitted yesterday.
Friday witnessed a volume of 9.8 million shares traded, not since Merck Day on October 1st were there greater shares traded, next stop early July. Looking through the data at yahoo felt somewhat like scanning over the numbers of a drilling project.
Ten million shares traded at around 5 bucks was striking oil. It happened, that it could happen meant there was a good chance it would be made to happen. Perhaps these data algorithms carry out geological survey estimates on the strata of a company's stock price. Who knows? But it's hard to argue against the merit of the price being there given the nigh on 10 million shares (assuming no HF tricks) traded in the low $5s. However, it is not at all hard to contest that the stock market capitalisation that price represents, represents the value of the company - the mistake is to assume that the two valuations move in lockstep but instead to accept that they will at times become almost disassociated.
That said, to state yesterday's closing SP to have been correct is an acceptance within the extremely contrived and manipulative conditions the market and our stock in particular are forced to operate i.e an acknowledgment given the distorted game we're playing. Suggesting the manipulators got it right is similar to someone noting the conman's excellent judgement in persuading the old woman to hand over her life savings - not at the excellence of his moral judgement, but at his proficiency at the art of scamming.
The reasons for yesterday's fall we can only guess at, hopefully, it was an opportunity sniffed out to take advantage of an anticipated biotech tax loss dump. Time will tell.
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2021.12.04 19:08 Eastern-Net2751 i cant find a good app to emulate a wii controller since ive lost mine and im struggling to find an app that you dont need a pc to make it work

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2021.12.04 19:08 ItsJoeyD Kyrandia 3 - Old PC game FUNK

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2021.12.04 19:08 dominate1090 How to stop Plugin Database from resetting every time I scan for a new plugin?

Title is pretty self-explanatory. I like to keep plugin database neat by organizing my plugins by instrument/brand/etc. Every time I install a new plugin and scan for it, though, all of my folders disappear and all of the plugins get dumped into the VST/VST3 folders. How do I prevent FL studio from doing this?
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2021.12.04 19:08 michmich1993 Was told to post here

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2021.12.04 19:08 koryterrible Best muffins I’ve ever had?!

So my whole family is currently racking their brains about some muffins my mum used to get from Asda. They were in a dark blue box, with white writing and possibly a polar bear, then wrapped individually in cellophane. They did chocolate with chocolate ganache on top, and lemon with white chocolate ganache. Please does anyone else remember these?! If you do what were they called? They were so good!
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2021.12.04 19:08 Infinitanium03 Will the game get it’s postgame completed?

I’ve really been enjoying the game, and I was wondering if it will ever get an update to include the last of the Zygarde cells and Trainer tips boxes, and also just the battle frontier in general.
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2021.12.04 19:08 ratbastardem kids may not be my favorite but…. this is just too damn cute

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2021.12.04 19:08 Frequent_Tap_5951 Up vote this if you want Ryan to play a one off or series of Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies

I was just watching Ryan's WW2 CoD zombies vid and think this would be great because I love CoD zombies. Please Upvote!
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2021.12.04 19:08 vitahunter [NA-EU] [H] Digital game codes PS4/PS5/PSVR/Switch/Xbox [W] Paypal

All the games I am selling are digital codes.
Xbox :

PS4/PS5/PSVR (codes are NA - US region unless specified otherwise) :
Nintendo Switch (codes are NA - US region unless specified otherwise) :
Want :
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2021.12.04 19:08 Spiritual-Ranger-900 Power Mix 59 Trance & Progressive by N3STACKZ

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2021.12.04 19:08 RonSio86 A Peek Into The Warehouse: 02

The Benefactor stood in the front of a large room resembling a college classroom. Right next to him was Connor, sitting in a chair and swapping between their Connor and Maron forms out of boredom.
"Do you have to constantly do that?" The Benefactor muttered, watching as the Jumper's Companions slowly approached and took seats throughout the room.
"Hey, when I was a kid, I didn't learn how to snap my fingers until halfway through highschool." Maron spoke before switching to Connor. "After that, I incorporated snapping into my daily hand movements." They switched back to Maron. "This is basically the same thing. I don't want to forget that I can do this again."
"Nobody has 'daily hand moveme' - hello everyone!" The Benefactor cut himself off as the last person took their seat. "Today we're doing something special. Now that everybody's here-"
"I think we're missing Aqua." Erdrick interrupted.
"The girl's still busy with the task from before." Ben waved him off. "No, see, what we're here for is to explain exactly what THIS is." He announced, pointing a finger at Connor. "Now, please humor me. What is Connor?" The Jumper switched to Maron. "Maron is considered a transformation based off your magical girl form, so I repeat: what is Connor? What is a Jumper? There are literally no wrong answers." There were slight murmurs amongst the Companions before a few reluctantly raised their hands. "Asriel?"
"A...special human?" The Monster Prince asked. The Benefactor paused for a moment before letting out a single clap of his hands.
"You've actually got it in one!" Ben exclaimed, impressed. "Next question: what makes Connor special compared to Yonaka, or Kobayashi, or any other humans you've met throughout this Chain? What separates him from them?" There were even more murmurs, but this time a few more hands were raised. "Emil?"
"Well, um...they seem capable of doing...more(?) things than most other humans?" The Ultimate Weapon struggled to put his thoughts into words. "I've seen and heard about people accomplishing quite a bit, and they've all been capable of amazing things, but Connor can do a lot...and is still able to do more?"
"You mean they've got more overall potential?" Kobayashi surmised.
"Yeah! That's it!"
"That's exactly it you two!" The Benefactor jumped in. "Connor is a special human with loads of potential. The question now is why? Not just them, why do any Jumpers have so much potential for growth? I also apply, why do I have this much power and potential? Why can we Jump?"
The Benefactor turned and waved his hand, the room vanished and everyone was now floating in a dark void. In this distance you could see a blue dot that slowly came closer and closer to them. Extending out from the dot was a single line that branched out into other dots, similar to a family tree.
"This is Earth." The Benefactor spoke, ignoring the minor freak-outs of some of his "students". "More accurately, this is the Earth that Connor, myself, and so many other Jumpers come from. Of course, not every Jumper comes from this world, but a vast majority of Jumpers can be traced back here in some way. I call this Earth "The World Before All"."
"That sounds like a pretty big title for a single world." Malroth spoke up.
"That's because it is!" The Benefactor suddenly grew quite passionate. "In this world, the humans are experts in the power of Creation. Every world you've been to, and every world you'll ever go to was first created by humans from this world."
"As mind-boggling as that is," Erdrick rose his hand, "what does this have to do with how Connor has this power?"
"Someone figured out how to use their "Creation Powers", didn't they?" Maron answered. "After all, I'm "Creating" new powers and Items for myself every time I Jump. Someone figured out how to do it themselves and started this. The Spark could even be a piece of that original Jumper's powers, or at least permission to "Create" a new Jumper to continue the cycle."
"That's the current theory at least." Ben shrugged. "Honestly a lot of the details get pretty muddled the further back you go. Some information is either missing or deliberately wrong, so the "why's" and "how's" of how Jumpers work are never crystal clear." The Benefactor clapped his hands once, and the classroom returned to normal. "Anyway, our next lesson is on the exact mechanics of Jumpin-"
"I did it...!" The door nearly flew off it's hinges as Aqua kicked it open. "I finally did it...!" She spotted the Jumper at the other side of the room. "Connor...! I did it!" She exclaimed, unsteadily hobbling towards them.
Meeting her halfway and propping her up on their shoulder, "Did what?" Connor asked.
"Um...greetings." A young voiced spoke awkwardly from the doorframe. Standing there was a small child of barely twelve, wearing a green-and-yellow striped shirt with brown cargo shorts and brown boots with light-brown hair and a permanent blush on their face.
Asriel and strangely enough Papyrus we're the first to respond, giving them a big hug while yelling "Chara!" And "OTHER ROYAL CHILD!" The other children quickly followed suit in the group hug, while most of the others couldn't help but smile at the scene.
"I finally did it..." Aqua repeated herself. Looking away from Asriel crying into Chara's shoulder, Connor noticed just how much Aqua must have been working: bloodshot eyes with several bags under them, she's shaking and very unstable on her feet, but she was smiling proudly anyway. This girl had just created human life - a new human body and basically an entirely new SOUL forged from nothing but a few SOUL fragments.
"Yeah, Aqua. You finally did it." The Jumper spoke with a soft smile. And with that, Aqua passed out immediately afterwards, finally allowing herself to sleep.
"Alright, I guess we can continue this another time." Ben sighed at the commotion. "Class dismissed!"
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