Ummm Babe...What's An NFT?

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2021.12.04 20:26 banet Ummm Babe...What's An NFT?

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2021.12.04 20:26 bozzycamps Hit and Run in Los Angeles (the valley)

Hi there, A couple of days ago my truck and car was hit and run while I was parked. A good samaritan provided some dash cam footage but unfortunately I cannot make out the license plate.
She said the license plate was a paper plate, so it's probably new from a dealership. I assume the person is local because the freeway runs parallel and is a few blocks away. While I didnt sustain the worst damage, I would love to find this person. I am even willing to start calling all the local body shops in the area and seeing if I can track them down. Any kind of help/advice/hints would be useful.
From what I can tell it is a newer Ford escape, though I cant figure out what year. I see no discerning stickers or markers on the rear of the car.
I uploaded the footage below.
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2021.12.04 20:26 arbys-sauce Just your typical bergara/pst first precision rifle build.

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2021.12.04 20:26 thestar1818 Saw a dead bed bug in washing machine at my apartment complex

Should I continue to wash my clothing there? I have a laundry mat near by, I don’t trust the machines in my complex anymore.
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2021.12.04 20:26 Saltycrackers_mp4 How accurate is my sketch

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2021.12.04 20:26 throwaway5736709 What happens when a person refuses to cooperate (at all!) in a divorce?

My ex is evading everyone regardless our divorce, including his own lawyer who has now parted ways with him. It seems he has no lawyer at all now.
We submitted a proposal (a very fair one) to him last week just to finally end this and still no response! I am pretty disappointed by that. He doesn’t want to cooperate and he is still not paying child support.
I have no idea where he is now and he has not responded to my lawyer’s emails for a response.
Lawyer says that if we don’t receive a response this week we are going to court. He has warned my ex about this.
What exactly does going to court mean? That’s not a trial, right? Is it special chambers? We have child support, arrears, and assets to deal with…..which we had dealt with in the proposal we sent him.
Does he need to be served again? I don’t know how that will happen. He is completely M.I.A…….on purpose of course. I don think there is much chance he would even show up to court.
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2021.12.04 20:26 CakeDestroyer69 Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make a ninja character

As the title says I want to make a ninja character to use for an upcoming campaign does anyone have any ideas?
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2021.12.04 20:26 Admirable-Ebb3655 SEC would rather have 2 teams in the playoff than just 1 …

… and thus you see Alabama whooping up on Georgia today.
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2021.12.04 20:26 ExactDefinition1576 Ethos banana daddy auto day19

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2021.12.04 20:26 Square_Ad6483 Perfect comments from gentlemen, get perfect gifs from a whore!

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2021.12.04 20:26 DavidThe5th69 Upper Moon Kizuki what year were the born

The Demons I'm talking about. Daki, Gyutaro, Gyoko, Hantengu, Akaza, Doma, Kokushibo?
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2021.12.04 20:26 Master_Magus Someone dies. Show's Lan:

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2021.12.04 20:26 Pepsismoke What are your favorite fantasy books about Heists and the thieving community. Where the payoff at the end of the book is a heist and not something else?

I love me a good heist but I want to read something that involves people in the criminal world. using their magic for bad purposes like going on a cool heist. Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn was cool but the end wasn't a heist. It was a revolution. I felt tricked into reading a cool heist book that didn't end in a heist at all.

So have you read a heist book? What was your favorite?
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2021.12.04 20:26 Culture_Ball737 Here's another Cynical Sketch

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2021.12.04 20:26 ArtificalPro Is there a mod or a lot trait where only celebrities can visit a lot?

Very annoyed by the paparazzi, and the fans do not allow my Sims to eat in peace without them asking my Sim for an autograph or a hug.
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2021.12.04 20:26 iamlildirt I though Peater from skyward sword reminded me of someone...

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2021.12.04 20:26 StaticSpaces Exteriors of an Abandoned Stone Farmhouse and Auto Garage!!

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2021.12.04 20:26 greentealatte93 Hi everyone! I made a cover of Atoms, Ludovico Einaudi's newest single 😄

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2021.12.04 20:26 RenaissanceDude596 Please help me develop my “perfect client”

Hello, All.
I’m having a very hard time narrowing my avatar for an app I am developing to provide a structured curriculum for entrepreneurs. I have been in education (teacher and administrator for 23 years now and an entrepreneur for roughly 18 of those years so that was the easy part for me).
I have done the preliminary work to build out the brand strategy and build the courses but now as I begin to leverage FB and IG for marketing the app, the “perfect client” exercise evades me because the aspiring entrepreneur is so broad and expansive. The people I want to reach are to be found across all demographics. How do I find them?
I know that I want to demystify Entrepreneurship for people who are insanely motivated, resourceful, inspired, talented, etc. but may not have access to undergraduate or graduate programs. Think of my program as “Higher Ed for Hustlers.”
Please help. Thank you for your input and feedback.
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2021.12.04 20:26 JerSucks 211114 Winter

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2021.12.04 20:26 EmoWhxre0 New to the group! So how is everyone? Im 15 Bi and from the UK!

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2021.12.04 20:26 Specialist-Oil-6331 Retard cabin video is a new low.

All the other shit, the pandering, the dog-whistling, etc - I at least get it. He is engaging the core of his audience.
But this new "cabin"... What a new low. Does this guy have no shame? So fucking pathetic, riding the coat tails of Bushcraft Radical's build. This is just a straight-up money printer for him, you know he's going to milk the fuck out of this.
But this is something else, the dude can't even finish the staking in one video? Christ what a loser, I thought something went wrong and the rest of the video didn't load - I actually said to my computer screen "oh you can't be fucking serious WHERE IS THE REST OF THE VIDEO" lmao.
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2021.12.04 20:26 Necessary_Author_308 ❄️ Christmas Floki $CFLOKI | 10% DOGE Rewards for holders 💰| Diamond Handed Community | JUST LAUNCHED! | Christmas Floki is the next big meme wave | Already 40X 🎄

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2021.12.04 20:26 LIL_flee2900 🤔🤔

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2021.12.04 20:26 Mr_Mortus Alternative Universe Arin, He Hates Mario Instead of Sonic

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