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2021.10.19 23:50 blu_blaze [H] M9 Bayonet Black Laminate .98 [W] Gut Ruby, M9 Vanilla, Bayonet Gamma Doppler FN, $330 cash/crypto

B/O: Gut Ruby, M9 Vanilla, Bayonet Gamma Doppler FN, $330 Zelle/crypto, knife offers
Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3
This knife has a Gunsmith finish, meaning that it darkens instead of becoming scratched or chipped. Therefore, I am valuing the knife @ 20% over market due to the desirable finish of the blade.
Add for discuss
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2021.10.19 23:50 WildfireSmile Even in a survival situation BOYCOTT Nestle

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2021.10.19 23:50 drathenfal Unable to sell or trade Voidbent

Trying to sell Voidbent legguards every trade it says failed cant even list it on auction house or complete a buy order if one is placed the armor is BOE so why is it untradable.
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2021.10.19 23:50 PureSci I think my friend is going to do a bloon genocide

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2021.10.19 23:50 No-Chef-9892 Unemployment loop

I feel as though it goes without saying that the pandemic has brought down the income of a lot of companies, nor have I expected to have a job handed to me on a silver platter. I joined the ARNG straight out of high school in an attempt to gain a trade that I could see myself using civilian side. Currently I serve as a aviation structural mechanic (sheet metal and composite components) and have struggled to find employment ever since returning. I’ve tried multiple different outlets to receive certificates and licenses that employers either require or may consider as useful (ex. State issued security guard card, first aid, CPR, AED, etc.)
I’ve worked for a couple security companies and it hasn’t worked out due to either a hostile work environment that I personally didn’t feel comfortable with, or the companies contract not being renewed with the site and being out of work due to not being placed at a new site by corporate after multiple attempts to reach out to them.
I’ve tried to do warehouse and labor work but much like jobs I’ve had in the past, nothing sticks.
Due to my location in my state, I can’t find a job pertaining to my MOS qualifications either without having to drive almost 3 hours to and from.
With bills piling up and money earned from training running low, I feel as though I’m in an endless loop of unemployment and jobs that will land but then fall through. It’s to the point where I’ve had to move back in with my parents and begin to sell off assets to continue to make payments.
Any advice?
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2021.10.19 23:50 ShortAlgo $ATH So easy to trade with the Short / Buy signals. Register for 7-Day Trial Access at

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2021.10.19 23:50 46V41 Quiz

Ok. So, this animal might look like a rodent (size, shape, etc) but it’s most close relative is the largest land mammal - The elephant. What am I ?
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2021.10.19 23:50 SetPsychological6756 Real Life

My partner at work whom I've been working with now for 12 mos, I think this week. His name is C. I think he's 32 ish. We have the same birthday, April 4th. He's black. Has a couple daughters and is with his girl that has a son. I think he was hesitant first day on the job. He came in thinking I was just gonna treat him like every other nigger. So we talked about this today. We had a real conversation, two men talking about their feelings and the things we've been through. I respect this dude so much. He's come so far. He was sitting on two gun charges for some stupid trumped up shit the da did in . He's made it through, fucking did that shit to get off paper, and I'm so very proud of him. He's learned a lot from me in skill, and I've learned a lot from him on how to keep your head up. Somebody always gonna try to bring you down to they level, f you above that. He paid me the highest compliment today. I told him how much I've struggled this last couple years. He sees it everyday, I'm asking for help, and no one wants to listen. His words of encouragement, and the validation I received back from someone I respect so much...yeah, bottle that shit please. I love you!
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2021.10.19 23:50 Casdrop Damage up efficiency

Is it more efficient to have 1 damage up (m) cat combo or 2 damage up (s) cat combos? Which one gives me the bigger buff?
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2021.10.19 23:50 shadowqueen15 Is Tsunade with 100 healings the strongest sannin

View Poll
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2021.10.19 23:50 taiabado Hiya! 26F from the UK looking for some friendos!

I'm a nurse in a prison (I'm not IN prison, I'm a good girl), have been for 2 years now and I'm enjoying it so far!
In my free time, I like watching shows with my husband, eating out with friends and playing occasional games (I'm by no means good at any of them lol)
Send me a DM! Hopefully we can be friends, if not, have a wonderful evening :)
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2021.10.19 23:50 Commandrew11 What are you tired of hearing from the internet/social media?

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2021.10.19 23:50 Limp-Preparation-249 🦍 SPOOKY APE 🦍 | FTM Token | NFTs Coming This Week! | Earn By Holding 🦍

🦍 Website:
This is not a drill. FTM is currently drifting upwards with healthy momentum and is looking to reclaim its former status with the market looking ready to burst this coming week.
While the world isn’t perfect and we won’t have a non-stop explosion to $10, it just goes to show that crypto is well and alive and this summer is going to be absolutely unbelievable.
That’s going to start with Spooky Ape which, conversely, can suddenly rocket in a day up 3x, 5x, even 10x as we have seen it do before and as we’ve seen many tokens do during this bullrun.
Spooky Ape has large marketing plans with major influencers and NFTs coming this very week!
👻 Buy on SpookySwa
📖Contract: 0x58277f73d61f6b66d1cf2cf44525ddc01e3ad6ff
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🔹 Renounced Ownership:
🔐 Liquidity Lock 2 YEAR🔒
🦍 Website:
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2021.10.19 23:50 remvs98 Ten Hag vol lof over Ajax na dikke zege op Dortmund: 'Alles klopte vanavond'

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2021.10.19 23:50 mrnoname929 Monster jaxxx D? - getting thick

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2021.10.19 23:50 Blacksmith_Most What did John Rabe have to say about the Holocaust? Did see any similarities between what he had witnessed and what Germany was doing?

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2021.10.19 23:50 Academic-Gap-15 MELODY RABBIT LIVE

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2021.10.19 23:50 dinakiii My former friendships always failed because of my toxic characteristics

When I was younger, I had severe issues with making friends and maintaining them because of my own mental issues.
I felt so lonely that I always got too attached way too quickly to one specific person. My extreme fear of abandonment destroyed every friendship that I had as a teen. I got obsessed about certain people at a time, that caused me to have intense daily panic attacks, suicidal thoughts, pent up aggressions against them (for no reason) and against myself. Ofc my behaviour drew them away because it was too much to handle but I really didn’t know how to cope with it. Nobody ever understood me.
Fortunately I managed to grow out of my toxic patterns and I’m able to have healthy and chill friendships nowadays.
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2021.10.19 23:50 IronFistWS squid game help in minecraft:)

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2021.10.19 23:50 roguex99 Unleash the Kraken!! Unleash the Skellies!! 🦑💀🦑💀🦑💀🦑💀. Let Halloween Begin!!! - check us out on Instagram and Facebook!! @krakenhousenola

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2021.10.19 23:50 DoctorProffalternate The Forbidden Door

Once again I unloaded a story comment that was far too long on someone who didn't ask for it in another thread, so I'm posting it here separately. The story was inspired by this comment here

I'm on a new map with bugs and instead of doors I did an area restriction and it works way better. They do still wander in sometimes but I've just started arresting everybody who gets a wandering eye haha.
"That door. Why are we forbidden to even look inside these caves? What are they hiding there?"
"The mayor said it's unsafe."
"Unsafe my ass. When something's unsafe you hang a sign, you don't build a damn blast door. Besides, Do you know why Flebe's in the hospital? He had one of his "bouts" and tried to go there. Rick damn near cut off his leg arresting him. What could be more 'unsafe' than that?"
"I don't know, but I don't think Rick knows what's in there either. He was just trying to follow orders, not weighing risks."
"Exactly, which means what that little lackey's been doing is what the mayor told him. The mayor... He's been here the longest. He has to know what's there. He might be the only one who does."
"Well, someone had to be there to know its unsafe and build the door, so I guess you're right."
"Do you think he just saw what's in there? Or... made it?"
"What's that supposed to mean?"
"Use your imagination. An empty cave, conveniently isolated from both the living areas and the outside. What if the dangerous thing wasn't there when the mayor arrived? and who is it dangerous for?"
"And what could possibly be in there? The mayor killed people, we killed people too. Even if he killed people who ought not to be killed, its not like we'd have a way of telling by their skeletons. And it wouldn't be anybody we ever knew, because none of them went missing suddenly. Same if he ate them when he just arrived, just skeletons left now."
"You're thinking about it wrong. What could be in there? What couldn't be in there? I don't know if you fucking noticed, but this planet is home to at least one omnipotent superintelligence of the highest class who may or may not be dormant, and probably dozens of lesser but still very capable AIs who may or may not be serving it. There could be literally anything there."
Part 2:
Part 2:
This couldn't end well. It won't. But at least it gave Jack something more immediate and tangible to worry about than the impeding doom. A doom much greater than the mere end of his life.
"Right now, son, you're the second most enlightened member of the colony. Scratch that, no, it's been years since I've been to these god accursed caves, while you've been there just now. so you're actually even more enlightened than me. So tell me, how are the bugs doing?"
Bones. Bones. Bones. Blood painting the floor until it looked like it was just the color of the rock. Corpses strewn like trash, old and new. A thousand chittering mouths. Ten thousand chitinous legs tapping the floor of the cave. It took jack a while to notice in the cacophony, but the worst sound of all eventually revealed itself with a whisper. The grinding of chitin against rock. Digging. Digging a future grave. Death. The smell of the death that was. The sight of the death that is, should he make a noise. That sound heralding the death that will be.
"They're expanding. They'll kill us all."
"I know that. I'm asking, how long do we have left."
"You're insane. We need to evacuate now. Nothing in the rim could possibly be worse than what will happen when they break to us."
"I'm afraid that's not a possibility. Not a wise one, anyway. These hives usually reach an equibalerium at a certain point. The insects, thank god, don't know how to farm, so they relay on hunting to keep themselves fed, and that's naturally a finite food source."
"And in this case?"
"You want to know why Rick is so loyal? when he joined the colony I've noticed he is an unusually quick young lad. No, don't give me that sarcastic expression, not in mind, although apparently he's still better in that department than you. Physically quick. That makes him a good fit for arresting people who do things they ought not to, but also for other tasks. How long have you been in the colony?"
"You going to answer my question at some point?"
"You're not really in a position to ask any questions, but for the sake of smoothing things, yes, I'm getting to it. Now answer, how long have you been in the colony?"
"A year and a half."
"And before that you were just a part of the outside world, right?"
"It's been a while since I've been there, so tell me. Is there a central authority now? Law and order in the rim? Free healthcare, maybe? I'll take that expression as an answer. So, did you ever wander where all the raiders were? I'm sure you've met plenty during your time outside. Or been one."
"We had raiders, in drop pods..."
"And all the others? Do all raiders use drop pods now? In your time here, have you ever built a trap, maintained a turret, or been sent outside with a gun in defense? Or did you think no one noticed our colony, which is one of the biggest on the planet?
The reason Rick is so loyal is his speed made him a good fit for the task of opening the doors leading from that cave to the outside, and fleeing. Raiders would miss our hidden entrance, and think that was the entrance to our fortress and the untold riches within.
Oh, they prepared for a great deal of things. They would use light to better see whatever lay ahead. They threw rocks to try and spot traps. They shot to trigger any mines we might have had. They came equipped with smoke to obscure any turrets, snipers to counter any we might have, power armor, gun and blade, drugs, bionics... all for naught. At first, nothing would happen, as they ventured deeper into the caves. Then, eventually, all that light and noise... it would attract them. Rick is loyal because he saw so many raiders going in, but never coming out.
Nothing to say? Very well. It was beneficial in the beginning. Yes, the very beginning. I was alone, and could only lose by fighting against the desperate tribesman that showed up. Die where we fought, or die limping on the way to the herbal medicine I managed to scrounge.
Then someone showed up not to kill me, but to join me. You've met my wife Margaret, right? I was desperate. If the tribesman wouldn't have gotten me, the rimworld itself would have. And honestly, I was lonely too. I told her not to go into the caves, that it's dangerous. I haven't told her why. I couldn't. And I've done the same with everybody else since that day.
We grew. And with us grew the raids. No longer just desperate lone nomads seeing traces of human life, hoping to find residences of people live or dead, but organized raids. It didn't matter. They died all the same. Eventually, we reached a point where we could handle the raids ourselves, but it didn't matter. Somewhere along the way, the insects stopped being a convenience and started being a liability. They needed to be fed, more than just the wildlife around and a few natural mushrooms could feed them.
So we fed them. As our wealth grew, more and greater raids came, sometimes multiple groups banding together across the planet to try and claim the riches of our great fortress. And with them grew the insects. Eventually the rumors said our fortress held the ultimate prize: a ticket off this planet. They're right, you know. You'd have to build the ship, and start the reactor, but the knowledge is here. And the materials. But if we left now... I don't want to imagine what would happen to this planet. It would be flooded with insects untold. They'll construct new hives where they find things to hunt. Until they consume everything.
In the beginning, I thought we could keep this up forever. Or that, if the raids at least died down gradually, the insects would leave slowly and can be dealt with, by us or the other factions or nature itself. But I kept counting how many raiders went in, to estimate if the insects were getting enough food, and their numbers. And then one day I thought, twenty raiders coming in and not a single one out. They are fairly well armed and each could take on a single insect with relative ease. There must be at least twice that number of insects inside. But the cave I saw was too small for that many insects.
So I went to that cave, to see. And see I did. That was the last time I went there. There won't be a next time.
I swear I would never have done it if I knew they could do it. That they can- they will- get out of that accursed prison cell someday. But now it's too late. The people can't know. A day will come when we shall be faced with a choice. To face down the fury of the endless swarm, or fly away and let the planet be swarmed. But for now, the others cannot know. They must stay here. The insects must be fed."
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